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Eliminates the spills both on the hard surface and on the water

Sorption capacity

The ratio of 1g of sorbent to 5g of oil

Sorption rate

Less than 1 minute


Sorbent is applied as a powder, in the form of booms and industrial filters


In case of forced desorption, up to 75% of high-grade oil products are separated out

Combustion heat

The used sorbent can be applied as high-calorie fuel to generate heat and electricity

Double eco-friendliness

The sorbent obtained by ELT recycling (end-of-life tyres) is used to eliminate oil and chemical spills

our products

MÖBIUS powdered sorbent

MÖBIUS carbon adsorbent is a new class adsorbent consisting of the natural composite and secondary carbon black obtained by the method of four-stage chemical-physical activation. The material is designed for sorption purification of water and any hard surfaces of any dissolved organic compounds and oil products of middle and high molecular weight, dyes, surfactants, pesticides, and other substances.

MÖBIUS sorbent boom

A polymer network sleeve, 3 m long fabric 130 mm in diameter filled with MÖBIUS adsorbent. The sorption-holding boom is meant for sorption and holding of small spills of oil and oil products on the water facilities of coast protection as well as for booming and directing the small stains to the place of collection. The booms may also be used on hard surfaces. They can also serve as double boom defense.


-What is the sorbent, adsorbent, absorbent?

-Sorbents are the class of materials (solid or liquid) with special physical and chemical properties that facilitate selective collection of liquid or gaseous substances from the environment.
Absorbent is the sorbent selectively collecting the gases and liquids from the environment by absorption mechanism.
Absorption is the intake of the extracted material by the entire sorbent. It is a special case of sorption. .
Adsorbent is the sorbent selectively extracting the gases and liquids from the environment by adsorption mechanism.
Adsorption is the two phase increase of concentration of the dissolved matter on the separation surface (solid phase is the liquid, condensed phase is the gas).

-What is the secondary (recycled) carbon black?

-Secondary carbon black is produced by pyrolysis of recycled rubber materials. Please visit our website for more information on the secondary carbon and the method of its preparation www.Möbius.ua.

-Why MÖBIUS adsorbent is not inflammable?

-The carbon adsorbent is inflammable and explosion-proof in the environment (see Material Data Safety Sheet)

-What substances are extractable by MÖBIUS sorbent?

-Our sorbent can extract a wide range of compound classes like oil, petroleum products, vegetable and animal oils, organic and inorganic acids, sulfur and sulfur compounds (see the full list.)

-Is the MÖBIUS adsorbent non-toxic?

-All our adsorbents are safe for humans and the environment provided that you use the personal protective equipment in the process of adsorbent treatment. The safety of the adsorbents is confirmed by the national and international hygiene Safety and Health Certificates (see the Certificate)

-Why is MÖBIUS sorbent water repellent?

-The water repellency of MÖBIUS sorbent is achieved by means of physical and chemical activation by the equipment invented by our experts

-Why does MÖBIUS adsorbent have a low bulk density (density)?

-The low density is achieved due to the adsorbent composition.

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